The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Longevity Institute


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Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Dr. Soon K. Kim is a board-certified psychiatrist with a subspecialty in geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Kim practiced psychiatry privately and in clinics and hospitals for 25 years. Currently, Dr. Soon K. Kim serves on the board of directors at the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

The USC Davis School of Gerontology includes courses and educational programs focused on biological, psychological, and social human development and aging. The school offers 12 distinct programs, including two degrees that may be obtained online.

Additionally, the USC Davis School offers students the opportunity to become involved in its wide range of research centers and institutes, including the USC Longevity Institute (LI). The LI capitalizes on the knowledge base of scientists and clinicians from five different USC schools. The faculty includes specialists in neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders, and normal aging.

LI members work together in units to identify and test approaches to maximize health and prevent age-related illnesses. The LI is considered one of the leading research centers of its kind.