A Brief Overview of Group Therapy

A lifetime member of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Soon K. Kim is currently the president and CEO of Aurora Behavioral Health Care, which offers a variety of mental health services at its eight locations, including group therapy.

A form of psychotherapy, group therapy occurs within a small group (often no more than 12 participants) that is led by one or more qualified mental health professionals. It is frequently combined with individual therapy or a medication regimen. Groups typically meet once or twice a week for varying lengths of time. Some groups allow free-flowing dialogue, while others follow a more structured format.

Group therapy can address a variety of mental and emotional problems, including addiction; traumatic stress; depression, grief, or anxiety disorders; or issues surrounding chronic or terminal illnesses. Group therapy has a number of benefits. It allows participants to gain self-knowledge as well as support and encouragement by interacting with people who have similar problems and experiences. It helps members improve their communication and problem-solving skills as well as their emotional expression. Therapists can also give useful feedback based on members’ social interactions. In addition, group therapy is often more cost effective than other forms of therapy.

For more information about group therapy or the other programs offered at Dr. Soon K. Kim’s organization, visit www.aurorabehavioral.com.